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Like many entrepreneurs, Jeff Sorensen started his business small. At the age of 12, he was hired to mow the lawn of Mrs. Thompson, a neighbor across the street from his family home in South Minneapolis.

While initial earnings were spent on candy bars at the local drugstore, Jeff eventually gathered enough customers to put himself through school at the University of Minnesota. With a business degree under his belt, and eventually realizing that he preferred self-employment to the corporate world, Sorensen Lawn Care, Inc. was officially launched.

Sorensen Lawn Care is a full-service provider of lawn care and snow removal for residential and commercial customers. With over 20 years of experience, owner Jeff Sorensen has the earned the trust of his clients.

While the truck is now a little bigger, and there are more machines to use, Jeff’s commitment to each customer remains the same as when he had just one. Attention to detail, reliable service and the ability to tailor care to each customer’s needs are the hallmarks of the service provided by Sorensen Lawn Care.

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